Introducing you to Ariadne…

19th Aug 2020

15 Heroines

As part of the build-up to 15 Heroines, our specially commissioned production running 9-14 November 2020, we are chatting to some of our writers! To book tickets for performances of The WarThe Desert, and The Labyrinth, click here.
This week, we're hearing from Tony-award-nominated playwright Bryony Lavery!

Bryony Lavery - Ariadne

Who is Ariadne?  

She is an all-or-nothing kind of girl. She is a princess. She falls like a ton of bricks for Theseus. She betrays her family and her country for him. She thinks up a smart solution to him finding a way in and out of the labyrinth using a ball of string. Her brother is half-bull.  


Why write about mythical characters in 2020?

The women and their stories in The Heroides have, variously, been my useful companions since I was introduced to them when I was eleven by Miss Yates, at Wheelwright Girl's Grammar School.   


What else have you been working on during the summer?

With varying success...My tan. My garden. My temper. My deadlines. Some enticing collaborations. Some secret dream projects.

For more information about all the writers of 15 Heroines and to book tickets for The War, The Desert or The Labyrinth, visit the webpage here.