• Pictures of Dorian Gray
    Pictures of Dorian Gray
    5th June - 6th July
  • Creditors
    26th April - 1st June
  • Miss Julie
    Miss Julie
    25th April - 1st June
  • Mary's Babies
    Mary's Babies
    18th March - 13th April

Mary’s Babies

Wed, 20th March - Sat, 13th April

Maud Dromgoole’s brilliant new drama about the world’s biggest family. Captioned performance on Thursday 4th April. Information

Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain

Sun, 24th March

“A tender snapshot of wartime Britain – fast-paced, affectionate, authentic and wildly funny.” ★★★★ The Stage Information

Miss Julie

Thu, 25th April - Sat, 1st June

An acclaimed production of Strindberg’s masterpiece of seduction and power Information