See It Safely

The safety of our audience, artists and teams remains our top priority. We know going to the theatre is a bit different at the moment, and venues have contrasting rules. We aim to keep things simple and safe. Behind the masks, you can enjoy the same warm and welcoming atmosphere as ever.

Do I need to show a vaccine passport or test?
No. We do not require evidence of your vaccine status, or a test result. However, all our staff and performers self-test daily. You can help minimise the risks for everyone by doing the same.
Will I need to wear a mask?
  We kindly ask our audience to wear a mask throughout their visit unless you have a medical exemption. If you are sitting in the front row (Row A) masks are mandatory – if you have an exemption and need to move to another row, we can rearrange your seat.
Do you have socially distanced performances?
Yes! Most Mondays at 7.30pm we offer a socially distanced performance for those who prefer plenty of space around them.
What's changed at the theatre?
  Between shows, all touch points are cleaned, and the entire venue is regularly deep cleaned and fogged. We encourage you to disinfect your hands before entering and dispensers of antiviral hand gel are available throughout the theatre.

What else are you doing to keep everyone safe?
All our cast and staff are receiving ongoing comprehensive COVID-19 training and are undergoing daily Covid tests.

Will the bar be open?
Yes, but you may spot some changes made to keep everyone safe. Depending on the latest advice, cash payments may not be possible, and you may be asked to pre-book your interval drinks.
Does the air conditioning effectively ventilate the theatre?
Yes. Our air conditioning brings fresh air from the outside into the theatre continuously. It does not reuse air from the auditorium.
What if the performance gets cancelled due to a sick cast member or any other Covid related reason?
Just as in normal times, we will offer full refunds or credit notes for any cancelled performances.

What if I need to self-isolate or can’t come to see the show for any other reason?
We offer a free exchange to another show/performance, or a credit note, up to 24 hours prior to the performance.

Can I buy a single seat?
Yes! Going to the theatre alone is a pleasure, and you are always welcome.


If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have recently been in close physical contact with someone who has, please call us on 020 7287 2875. Please do not come to the theatre.

See it safely