The Pursuit of Joy

By Safaa Benson-Effiom.

Directed by Brigitte Adela.

25 January -
27 January 2024

Boy In Da Korma

By Jaisal Marmion.

Directed by Ben Grant.

25 January -
26 January 2024

The Good John Proctor

By Talene Monahon.

Directed by Anna Ryder.

25 January -
27 January 2024

One Night Only

Divine Might

By Natalie Haynes.

Directed by Natalie Haynes.

4 December 2023

One Night Only

A Change in the Heir

By George H. Gorham and Daniel C. Sticco.

Directed by Claire Evans.

3 December 2023

Festive Fun

Odyssey: A Heroic Pantomime

By John Savournin and David Eaton.

Directed by John Savournin.

23 November -
31 December 2023

One Night Only

Unwise …. But Not Illegal

By Russ Kane.

5 November 2023

Farm Hall (Tour)

By Katherine Moar.

Directed by Stephen Unwin.

16 October -
28 October 2023

Rare Revival


By Caryl Churchill.

Directed by Stella Powell-Jones.

12 October -
11 November 2023

One Night Only


By James Joyce.

Directed by Annie Kershaw, Jessica Lazar, Darren Sinnott.

1 October 2023