• Strindberg's Women
    Strindberg's Women
    1st - 28th November
  • Pride and Prejudice
    Pride and Prejudice
    30th November - 21st December
  • The Autumn Garden
    The Autumn Garden
    5th - 29th October
  • The Dover Road
    The Dover Road
    6th September - 1st October

The Dover Road

Tue, 6th September - Sat, 1st October

A light-hearted comedy set in a mysterious house just off the Dover Road, inhabited by the enigmatic Mr Latimer. Two runaway couples find themselves enjoying the hospitality of a complete stranger, who seems to have an underlying purpose of his own…


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The Autumn Garden

Wed, 5th - Sat, 29th October

A tender and wryly funny tale from one of the most acclaimed and controversial American writers of the twentieth century. Information

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Lerner without Loewe

Sun, 9th October

In the lead up to Alan Jay Lerner’s centenary in 2018, this affectionate tribute to him illustrates well that although the partnership between Lerner and Loewe is recognised as one of the great creative powerhouses. Information