Wartime letters between the actress Celia Johnson and her husband Peter Fleming
are read by their daughter Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams.

These touching and amusing letters from Celia to her husband tell of her  experiences during the war – from coping with a large isolated house full of evacuated children, learning to drive a tractor, dealing with rationing, occasional holidays in Cornwall where she took to surfing, and all the while accepting offers, when she could get away, to act – for David Lean, Noel Coward, wartime propaganda films, broadcasts, all sorts, and ultimately in 1945 starring in the classic film Brief Encounter.

Not only are the letters highly engaging, but they also provide a fascinating historical insight into that time of true austerity and fearfulness.

This was a delightful evening, performed with great delicacy and humour by two seasoned professionals perched on matching stools either side of a screen, like guardians of the family images of two generations ago.   Giles Cole  Garrick Club June 2018

“…a lovely, love filled, heart-warming evening….as welcoming and nourishing as you could possibly want…don’t miss this, it’s a genuine treasure.”British Theatre Guide:  “Theatrical Gem”

“It was a joy to discover these letters, and I hope you will find them as funny and moving as I do.” Lucy Fleming.


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£20.00 £18.00 concessions