From Zimbabwe with Love

Written and performed
by Michael Angus Clarke

Directed by Steve Wooldridge

One man’s journey across continents and cultures; a heart- warming story about family-ties, live, truth and honesty.

Meet Robert Matalasie, a professional footballer, join him as he tells his funny touching, and explosive story within the world of the beautiful game. He details his path across continents, after being spotted by premiership scouts when playing football in his birth country of Zimbabwe.
He tells of his journey from his Shona Tribe in Africa to East Anglia, and his almost immediate success on the football field and beyond -.yet there is one decision he has to make that might bring the opulent world in which he leaves crashing down around him.

From Zimbabwe with Love is a new play that will have you enthralled as Robert entertains you.

“I loved this play it made me laugh out loud and made me feel truly emotional, see it if you can.
Thank you all involved!”

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£20.00 £15.00 concessions