Our Wonderful Donors

Back in December 2016 we asked for donations to assist us in buying some brand new, shiny LED lights for our theatre.  Here are those wonderful people who made it possible, and 6 new LED lights will be installed for our Autumn Season.  We thank you all so very much (more donations needed to get another 4) –  If you are able to help us get the extra lights, please scroll down to the DONATE below below.

Thank you

Angela Hill
Anonymous of Scotland
Lavinia Webb
Esme & Brian Tyers
Pauline Higginson
Mrs Mennie
Elizabeth Stallybrass
Roger Harris
Elizabeth Slade
Iris Johnstone
Sooty Asquith
Henry Alexander
Nigel Basing
Mr D.Brown
Graham Bull
Gerald Stuart Burnett
Laurie Butcher
Donald Campbell
James Carroll
C Clarke
Roger Collins
Marilyn Collis
Susan Fletcher
Geraldine Frith
Carol Gallacher
Julia Gallop
John Gardiner
Sheila Gillard
Jeffrey Goetz
Sheba Greenberg
Valerie Grove
Christopher Hall
David Hankinson
Jacqueline Hammond
Beryl Harris
David Harrison
James Heyworth­Dunne
Sue Howell
Hudson Walker International
Damien Hyland
Nina Iles
Emma Isworth
Jennifer Jacobs
David King
Edwin Ko
Martin Koh
Frank Lazarus
John Lesurf
Carole Lewis
Neil MacArthur
Anna Mapp
Marlo Marquez
Michael Matthews
Andrew McDonald
Iain Thomas McGourty
Soli Mehta
Eve De Meza
James Millar
Andrea Miller
Elizabeth Miller
William Lee Montgomery
Barry Moore
Neil Morris
Helen Mumby
Sally Munton
Miss S Naidoo
Alastair Niven
Roy Palmer
Graham Parsons
Diana Paterson­Fox
Patricia Polidor
Michael Pugh
Darren Rickards
Lisa And Dick Robinson
Count I B Romanov
Lesley A Rotchford
Marcia Roxburgh
Shirley Rubinstein
Robert Runcie
Edward Schneider
William Scott
Carolyn Shapiro
Barry Sheppard
Joanna Slonecka
Monica Smith
Sheila Speirs
Susan Spence
Simon Spinney
Terry Stevens
Karen Stobart
David Taylor
Andrew Thorne
David Thompson
Karolina Thornton
Jan Topham
Jedihomer Townend
Jyotika Unia
John Vassallo
Thelma Wade
Phyllis Weiss
Simon White
Mrs M Winckler
Richard Wooderson
Neil Woodgate
Juliet Wrightson
David Wurtzel
Bruce Young
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