JST Conversations

Every good play starts a conversation. We're delighted to lanch JST Conversations - a wide-ranging series of debates, discussions, talkbacks, interviews and more.

Our new pre-show debates take place at 6.00pm and last 45 minutes, with guest speakers, audience questions and plenty of food for thought. Entry is free to ticket-holders for any performance of the relevant production.

Theatre should not be a safe space

Thrill Me
Weds 26th January

How do we stage violence in art - are some things too triggering to show?

Sorry you'll be late to work but the sky is falling down

Rain and Zoe Save the World
Weds 23 February

Can climate protest ever go too far?

Genius - what on earth is it?

The Marriage of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein
Weds 30 March

How do we talk about genius - and should we stop?

New wine in old wineskins

Weds 11 May

How do we adapt classics for today - and does relevance matter?

Cancel Culture is an overblown myth

Cancelling Socrates
Weds 15 June

Is cancel culture a pernicious force that has gone too far? Or is it a convenient fiction?

JST Conversations