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by St. John Hankin
"An unwed, unrepentent single mother returns to her conventional Edwardian family. What could possibly go wrong?"
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Two artists who recreated themselves:
2 one act plays written by Mark Burgess

Click for more info >>> 2nd March to 7th March 2015
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A poignant drama about family, ambition, love and loyalty.
Click for more info >>> 10th March to 4th April 2015
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From the writer of Our Boys comes a hilariously frightening take
on the aspirations of the so-called Me Generation.
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Bringing you the very best of entertainment on selected evenings
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Jermyn Street Theatre brings high-quality entertainment to the London stage.

Cabaret It's a long way
to Tipperary
from Flanders Fields
Presented by Katapult Productions
In the centenary year of the outbreak of hostilities in 1914, "It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary from Flanders Fields" makes a new contribution to the reawakening of interest in the First World War and its consequences for so many people.
Entertaining, provocative and full of surprises, the show has a special focus on the way women were changed by and involved in the war.
We commemorate their lives in words and songs, familiar and not so familiar.

'Some were patriots, some nutcases. Some brave beyond comprehension, most terrifed. Sometimes they laughed and sang at their work. Sometimes they shivered and trembled and wept. Mostly they just got on with the job.'

SUNDAY 22nd February 2015 at 7.30pm

Tickets: £15.00 £12.00 concessions

To book call the box office on:020 7287 2875

Or online: Click Here for Tickets

Show Picture Until 28th February 2015

Stephen McGill & Joel Marvin
in association with Jermyn Street Theatre


by St John Hankin
Directed by Joshua Stamp-Simon
Set Design by Victoria Johnstone

"I believe it was all through bicycling.
When girls used not to scour about the country as they do now these things didn't happen"

It is 1908, Society is changing, and the De Mullins are being left behind.
Eight years ago, the eldest De Mullin daughter - the headstrong, free-spirited and unwed Janet - became pregnant. Instead of revealing the identity of the child's father to her family, she escapes out her bedroom window and flees to London.

Now a successful businesswoman, she is back and refuses to be ashamed for either herself or her child. But there is a price to be paid for Janet's continued independence - the disgrace of her family and the end of the De Mullin line.

The Last of the De Mullins is a sparkling feminist satire of conventional morality by St John Hankin, a playwright hailed by George Bernard Shaw as a most gifted writer of high comedy.

This production marks its first professional staging in London for over a century.

Nick Blakeley, Alexandra Dowling, Benjamin Fisher, Rufus King-Dabbs,
Stuart Organ, Jenk Oz, Charlotte Powell, Roberta Taylor, Harriet Thorpe, Matilda Thorpe, Maya Wasowicz.

Monday to Saturday 7.30pm, Saturday matinees 3.30pm
Additional matinee added Thursday 26th February 3.30pm

Tickets: £25.00. £18.00 concessions

Call the Box Office for further information on: 020 7287 2875
Or online: Click Here for Tickets

2nd March to 7th March 2015

Chancel Productions & Jermyn Street Theatre
present a double bill

Two artists who recreated themselves: Both written by Mark Burgess

The Man with the Golden Pen

Show Picture

Starring Michael Chance as IAN FLEMING
Directed by Louise Jameson

Fleming, creator of James Bond, Secret Agent 007, stands before the audience, pink gin in hand, a terrified look in his eyes ... At 42 he is about to do the thing he most fears; he's getting married!

It is 1952 and Fleming is putting the finishes touches to the first Bond book, Casino Royale and Bond is with us; an icon of class and everything Fleming aspires to ...

"An extremely stylish and entertaining piece capturing the essence and spirit of Ian Fleming. The play succeeds admirably both as entertainment and as an insight into an extraordinary man." The Ian Fleming Foundation.

Show Picture
Starring Keith Drinkel as Laurence Olivier
Directed by Daniel Finlay

Keith Drinkel portrays Laurence Olivier.
It is 1975 and Olivier begins the day in his New York hotel suite. He is still recovering from a series of life-threatening illnesses and has feared he would never be fit enough, or even asked, to work again. But a surprise telephone call from film director John Schlesinger has banished those fears and breathed new life into the most resilient of actors. The part being offered was that of the sinister former Nazi dentist Christian Szell. Olivier’s co-star would be Dustin Hoffman, and the film...Marathon Man.

As he prepares for his first day shooting Olivier reflects on his past and considers his future. He talks of his great film & stage roles, his marriages to Jill Esmond, Vivien Leigh and Joan Plowright, his children, of Gielgud, Guinness, Coward & Hoffman and his intense preparations for playing Szell.
A few years later, Olivier is about to film King Lear for television. He knows it is to be his last great role. We learn of his punishing fitness regime, the twenty or more films and TV plays he has made since Marathon Man, his final days at his beloved National Theatre and, most dramatically of all, his lengthy battle with attacks of terrifying stage fright.

Monday to Saturday 7.30pm, Saturday matinee 3.30pm

Tickets: £20.00, £16.00

Call the Box Office for further information on: 020 7287 2875
Or online: Click Here for Tickets

Show Picture 10th March to 4th April 2015

Close Quarter Productions



by Giles Cole

Directed by Knight Mantell

Over a weekend in May 2010, in the aftermath of the last general election, the political parties are wrangling over who will form the coalition government.

Meanwhile, in a village near the Norfolk coast, a disillusioned English teacher and parttime election volunteer comes home for a rare visit and tries to put his life in order. However, the politics of family life can be every bit as vindictive and unpredictable as the Whitehall variety, and alliances can be made or broken without warning.

The Heart of Things explores the themes of family, ambition, love and loyalty. And birthdays. It examines the conundrum that exists in sexual identity and the .minor disturbances. that have far-reaching effects in people.s private lives.
The play was written in tandem with The Art of Concealment . from the same creative team, which transferred to Riverside Studios from Jermyn Street in May 2012 following wide critical acclaim.

Ollo Clark, Keith Parry, Amy Rockson, Patience Tomlinson
Nick Waring, Ralph Watson

Monday to Saturday 7.30pm, Saturday matinees 3.30pm

Tickets: £22.00. £18.00

Call the Box Office for further information on: 020 7287 2875

Or online: Click Here for Tickets

Show Picture 14th April to 9th May 2015

Banter Productions in association
with Jermyn Street Theatre
the World Premiere


by Jonathan Lewis
Directed by Chris Popert

In the music room of a top fee-paying London school, a group of 18-year-olds must
sit out an hour of “isolation” to cover a clash of exams and avoid the risk of cheating.
But their supervising teacher has failed to turn up. In dealing with the dilemmas of the situation, the pupils gradually reveal a darker side to the pressures they are under.

An 11-strong teenage cast portray their own generation in this roller-coaster tale of hope, identity and shattered dreams.

Jonathan Lewis’s play Our Boys opened to universally good reviews in 1991 and had a West End revival in 2012 starring Laurence Fox and Arthur Darvill. His one man show I Found My Horn was critically acclaimed when it opened in 2008. It toured the UK, had a run at the Hampstead Theatre in November 2009, and then came to the Trafalgar Studios in London's West End in 2014.

Educational values are at the top of the political agenda these days, with scarcely a day passing without an outraged editorial in one of the papers. This darkly hilarious comedy blows the debate wide open in the authentic voice of those for whom it matters most – the kids.

To Be Confirmed

Monday to Saturday 7.30pm, Saturday matinees 3.30pm,
Extra matinee, Thursday 7th May 3.30pm

Tickets: £22.00, £18.00
Earlybird Offer: All tickets £17.00 if booked before 21st March 2015

Call the Box Office for further information on: 020 7287 2875
Or online: Click Here for Tickets