• Pictures of Dorian Gray
    Pictures of Dorian Gray
    5th June - 6th July
  • Creditors
    26th April - 1st June
  • Miss Julie
    Miss Julie
    25th April - 1st June
  • Mary's Babies
    Mary's Babies
    18th March - 13th April
  • Agnes Colander
    Agnes Colander
    11th February -16th March
  • Original Death Rabbit
    Original Death Rabbit
    9th January - 9th February
  • Billy Bishop Goes to War
    Billy Bishop Goes to War
    31st October - 24th November
  • Burke and Hare
    Burke and Hare
    28th November - 21st December
  • Parents Evening
    Parents Evening
    3rd - 27th October

Parents’ Evening

Wed, 3rd - Sat, 27th October

The European premiere of this acclaimed comedy about modern marriage and parenthood.


Posting Letters to the Moon

Sun, 21st October

Wartime letters between the actress Celia Johnson and her husband Peter Fleming are read by their daughter Lucy Fleming and Simon Williams. Information

Billy Bishop Goes to War

Wed, 31st October - Sat, 24th November

“It was a different world up there. A different war.”